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Investor Wiz Bill Dunn’s Spread

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

It is not even March and the March clips are pouring in.  Last month found miami based Joshua Prezant Photography photographing lots of high powered movers and shakers in the financial world for different financial magazine. Next clip will be of Ron Stone ( keep a look out).

Each subject that sits before my camera is a another person whom I could learn something from. And when the person sitting in front of you manages over a BILLION dollars with a superb track record of great returns over the last 30 years one pays extra attention to any tidbit of advice for making and investing money that they are willing to share with you.

Bill Dunn, of Dunn Capital was no exception.  If you invested $100,000 with his WMA program (his longest running program) would be worth more than $4 million today!  Dunn created a computer program that helped with long-term-following commodity trading back in the day when the computer program lived not on a hard drive or thumb drive, but on hundreds of IBM punch cards ( see picture in clip).

Bill Dunn was extremely patient and a easy subject to photograph. Despite some rain clouds that moved in on us, we were still able to capture the wonderful view from the back of Dunn’s Stuart, FL headquarters.   It also did not hurt that I thought he was a spitting image of Artist Chuck Close.

Opener in magazine



One Shoot, one couple, two layouts, and two publications

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Miami based photographer Joshua Prezant was recetly contracted to photograph art collectors and hoteliers Donald and Mera Rubell at their 45,000 square-foot museum and home.  The Miami art powerhouse couple are opening a new museum in Washington, DC. and we were brought in to photograph them with some of their vast art collection in the background.  The couple was great to work with and in the small window of time we had with them we were able to make an assortment of images that ended up being used by both the Miami Herald and The Washington Post.

Each paper had access to the same images and each chose different images and produced vastly different layouts.  It is great to see the different approaches that the two papers took with the picture selections and the layouts. Not sure  their is a favorite, but just happy that a bunch of teh images got used and that each publication did a great job displaying the images.

See if you have a favorite:

Washington Post

Miami Herald front

Miami Herald inside

Baby bump and baby lump

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Recently I had the honor of photographing an old friend right before she gave birth. It was a lot of fun and she looked amazing while carrying at 8 month!  Dad even got into the fun for the shoot too.

Shortly after the maternity pictures were taken I got to photograph the little guy ( now just a few days old) that was inside during the first shoot. Both mom and son were great subjects.  The little guy only peed once on set!


Tear Sheet: Forbes Magazine

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Forbes Magazine jumps for Miami photographer Joshua Prezant

The call comes in from the Forbes Magazine photo editor that they need a high energy photo of four very young entrepreneurs that created and run Summit Series.  They are creating offbeat, successful, business conferences that have  attracted thousands of influential attendees and a star panels of billionaires, philanthropists and disruptors that would make the older, better connected organizers of Davos and Ted jealous.   As it happens I knew exactly who these guys were as I photographed them a year before for the Washington Post Magazine.  Having got to know the guy on the last shoot ( a documentary  behind the scene shoot of one of there conferences in South Beach), I knew they would be up for most anything.

My team and I began the process of scouting locations and brainstorming for ideas.  We only had about a day to plan before the shoot and a small window to photograph the guys as they were a few days away from the start of there new conference Summit at Sea.  The location became a moving target that was changing every hour because we needed to make sure we had all four people together. With this in mind we planned for everything and brought enough lighting equipment to be ready for anything and any turns in the weather that happened.  We also secured a large trampoline for one location ( where we ended up shooting). It ended up that we only had about 15 minutes to do two setups ( the primary one and then a more straight forward tight picture of the 4). All the planning paid off and we had a great shoot and the client was thrilled.

Elliott Bisnow - Founder ( white T shirt) Brett Leve - Cofounder ( button down plaid shirt) Jeffery Rosenthal - Cofounder ( peace love t shirt) Jeremy Schwartz- Cofounder ( White pants)



Author Diane Ackerman

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Over the year Joshua Prezant Photography has done many assignments for publications based in Britian.  And the one thing that can always be counted on from these shoot is that I will meet intersting people from all walks of life and all walks of careers.  This shoot in Palm Beach, Florida for The Guardian was no exception.

Author Diane Ackerman, who most recetly wrote, ONE HUNDRED NAMES FOR LOVE , was a real delight to spend time with.  The book deals with Ackerman’s struggles after her husband, Author Paul West,  suffered a massive stroke and her story of helping her husband relearn language.

Author Diane Ackerman by Miami Photographer Joshua Prezant

It’s Better in The Bahamas!

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Joshua Prezant Photography was hired this week to photograph in a true Paradise hideaway: Bimini Bay, Bahamas.

When a client calls and says, “Get your passport ready.  We have a private plane on standby.”  You know you are in for an exciting shoot.  What I did not expect is how amazingly beautiful and peaceful it was going to be.

Vail Resorts, one of my new favorite clients, recently took over management of the Bimini Bay Resort and Marina and needed some marketing and PR photography for their new property.  Bimini is a quiet little paradise just 53 miles due east of Miami. The island is not that populated and meagerly developed. It is consider one of the world’s top big gaming fishing spots and is a regular hideaway for boaters from South Florida looking for a quick getaway.

The photo shoot could not have started out better.  A nice private plane with leather seats was waiting at the Tamiani International executive airport. With the majority of my clients, commercial airlines are the norm.  With that comes getting to the airport 3 plus hours with all my equipment ready to be checked and screened, making sure that some over zealous TSA or airline employee doesn’t  mishandle my equipment luggage and damage my gear. And in the old days the struggle to make sure that the 100 plus rolls of slide film you were carrying did not go through the X-ray machine and were hand checked…every last roll of film.  Then there is the waiting and the cramped seats.   But not on this flight.  Within 20 minutes we were descending through an amazing array of puffy clouds to reveal rich turquoise water of the coast off the plush green island of Bimini.  Not a terrible day at the office!

It was a great assignment for a great client.